Friday, December 2, 2011

Clark and I went to Iowa for Thanksgiving break! 

In case anyone didn't know that's where I grew up! 
I was really excited for a few reasons
First of all, it was the second time going back there in the past two and a half years
Secondly, Clark had never seen where I grew up
Thirdly, I think the last time I spent Thanksgiving with my mom was when I was a junior in high school
Fourth, I actually miss it.
Here are the pictures of our trip. We managed the 15 hour one way road trip... came home with two tickets though :( 
{ found out that in Iowa they don't even need police men, they just have cameras take a pic of your car and then they mail you the ticket... so lame!}

I cannot even describe how much I missed Milo!

Black Friday-ing... that only lasted 20 min haha

This is the only picture I took in Gilbert outside of my high school that you can't even see... I kind of forgot there isn't a whole lot to look at and take pictures of in Iowa during the winter.
The trip was way fun and I am so glad we were able to go for Thanksgiving!

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