Friday, November 18, 2011

Our Journey

If anyone remembers what I was saying a year ago it was
 "I don't know what is going to happen when Clark gets home. I hope we work out but either way I'm not going to get married for at least {{ and the very least}} a year". 
Well obviously my little plan did not happen the way I thought it would but I just want to write about the journey Clark and I have been on since deciding to get married.

My biggest fears about getting married were:
 1. Not being able to accomplish the things I wanted to do in my life, because once you get married your life isn't just about you anymore.
2. Not being able to afford the expenses of married life. (It's a scary thought having to pay bills, rent, groceries, a car... things I never had to on my own before)

Although I had those fears I decided to take a leap of faith and agree with Clark in that August was the right time for us to get married. 
When looking at the big perspective getting married was what the Lord wanted for us. We knew that we loved each other more than anything and that there was no point in postponing our marriage due to factors that did not seem worth more than the blessings you receive from being married.

Well anyway, now that we are married I can attest that this was the right decision. This is just a list of the many blessings we have received since being married. 
  • Clark got a really good job that makes all the payments and also allows us to save money
  • Clark's parent's gave us a car
  • We found a duplex to live in that is 3 1/2 blocks from campus, not a dump, but waay cheap
  • I got a job as a TA which helps pay for groceries (so glad I can contribute in someway!)
  • I switched my major which is way better prep for getting into a master's program than the business school
  • I just got accepted as a Research Assistant for in internship called Flourishing Families that also is amazing prep for getting into a master's program, a capstone for my major, and is paid!
  • I just found out I received a scholarship for next semester
  • Clark and I qualify for financial aid (anyone who just got married, totally apply! you'll most likely get some funding)
  • I figured out that I can graduate next December, which after we'll probably move up to SLC so Clark can transfer and finish up at the U
  • Clark passed his CDL test at work which will allow him to make $1.50 more an hour (Just have to say I'm so proud of him because the other driver guy did not pass!!)
  • Clark is getting As in his classes (which truly is so amazing to me because he is seriously at work and class from 7am to 8ish pm... He really doesn't have that much time to study)
I'm really not meaning to brag or anything, I just cannot deny that we have been so blessed. 
Of course it's hard every now and then and we do have our struggles in some areas.
But in all honesty, I could not ask for anything better than what life is right now.

Love Him.


  1. Kaylee, Thank you for sharing your blessings with everyone. This life can be a struggle sometimes, but its good to hear about the blessings in peoples' lives. I can also attest to the blessings of being married:)

  2. Sometimes it's hard and scary to accept what the Lord wants for us but He always gives such marvelous blessings. It is amazing to see how it not only works out but you can be happy in the midst of those struggles. It really does bring a couple closer too when they pretty much have nothing but each other and the Lord. Anyway, I could go on and on but suffice it to say that I LOVED and appreciated your very insightful post.