Tuesday, November 1, 2011


It's fun being on the other end of the door on Halloween.
 Last night Clark and I served candy to the cute Trick or Treaters! We probably had a total of 6 groups stop by our house (2 being our friends, thanks Kyle and Cassie!) One of those being a 5 year old Jimmer Fredette who told me he liked my kitty face (Freaking cutie) But it was way fun non the less!
 Did anyone hear about the whole animal escape thing in Ohio that was on the news a few weeks ago? 
Well that's who Clark and I dressed up as! 
Clark was the crazy guy who released the animals and I am one of the lions haha.  

So while we waited we took pics... I tried really hard to look ferocious. 

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  1. hahahahahaha you guys are soooo creative! i love it!!!