Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Couple of things I am grateful for:
1. This freaking adorable kitten who likes to sleep in our driveway and visit us in the evenings.
 Why am I grateful for him? Because I am so deprived of animals and baby things right now it saddens me to death! I miss my puppy. I miss my kittens. I miss my nieces. And I miss my nephews so much... ahh i can't stand it. It's ok, I know I'm crazy. What I love about this kitten is the fact that he looks almost exactly like my kitty Polly from home (home as in Iowa). Not only does he look like her but he acts like her too. He just begs for loves and petting constantly (as you can see from the picture he is on my lap, wrapping his little arms around me... this was all done by his choice). He use to be afraid of us but has slowly warmed up and now meows his head off at just the sight of us for some attention. I have to admit, I love him. 

2.This freaking sexy husband off on his way to school. (note: he did not want me to take this picture of him which is what he is saying which is why his mouth is open)
He is taking two classes currently -- while working about 60 hours a week mind you-- and is at his class right now which won't get over until 10! He took his first test this weekend and got 100% on it! Wow talk about good student. I am so proud of him for how well he is doing in everything in his life. He works so hard at work everyday all day long and then just gives it his all at school. Love him. Such a good example to me.

 3. Getting this paper today on my way up to campus! If you want to know more about it go to my media blog and check out my post about it today. Don't worry I'm not too blog crazy... This blog is a requirement for one of my classes.

4. The Damien Rice Pandora Station.  I have been in music withdrawals lately. I don't know about cool music like I use to in high school and the beginning of college. I don't live with roommates anymore to keep me updated or cute little sisters. I hardly listen to the radio and am just so sick of my old music. I needed some soft deep music tonight so I decided to get on the old Pandora and check out Damien Rice (my go to soft deep music guy). Love all of the songs I have heard especially I Was Just Thinking by Teitur

Those are the things I am most grateful for in this moment. I have many many other things to be grateful for the list could go on forever.