Monday, December 12, 2011

The Best Weekend

Instead of studying ALL weekend Clark and I decided we had to get a Christmas Tree!

After we got our tree we decided to eat breakfast at ihop
It was way good!

Clark said this pictures describes us each perfectly. 
Clark always gets the same original thing that he loves - orange juice
I always love to get the new most extravagant sweetest tasting things - maple hot chocolate

We went to 5 different places in provo to find one of these tree holders and finally found one at rite aid!

After we put up the tree Clark crashed, such a cutie!

While he was sleeping I decided to make homemade Christmas decorations!

Our very first picture with our very first Christmas tree!... too bad it's blurry though

Now, these are my attempts of taking artistic pictures of my Christmas tree

This is pretty typical of us haha
But seriously... I mean this is how he won me over lets be honest now :) 

The best thing about the weekend wasn't that we got our first Christmas tree
or that we ate breakfast out.
Every night this weekend, with all of the studying and things we had to do
 I noticed we would end up on the floor 
Laughing and just talking about life
And every night I realized that I love being married to my best friend.


  1. I love your guys are so cute and whats with that Christmas tree stand? how come you had to get that one?

  2. we didn't need THAT Christmas tree stand we just needed A Christmas tree stand! they were sold out everywhere! Provo is a crazy intense place where everything is picked over, sold out, and congested with people!