Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Cooking Adventures

Like I said in the last blog post I am taking a cooking class right now and today we had something they like to call 
We have been preparing for it all semester by learning how to cook and home make things in the kitchen. 
Here is the meal that my group prepared today for the magnificent meal. 
The menu consisted of a focaccia bread (which is actually what I made) that we dipped in oil and vinegar as a side along with a pear salad and homemade poppy seed dressing.
The main course was actually a recipe I suggested and have made before (which is Clark's favorite dinner btw) which was Greek yogurt marinated chicken with rice, cucumbers and tomatoes (we would have had onions too but it went above budget...) feta cheese and of course homemade pita bread. 
Then for dessert we had a peach yogurt parfait. 
Along with making all of the food from scratch we had to come up with table decor to go along with the theme. We tried really hard to keep a Greek theme and I think we actually did pretty good with what we could find! 
I provided the leaves on the table complementary of the walnut tree outside our house as well as plums also from a plum tree along side our house. 
The coolest thing about this meal we had to make was we had to keep it to $3.00 per person, all together we had 6 people so this meal was a total of $18! 
A couple of things I really learned from this class is the fact that
1. Cooking things from scratch is actually really easy
2. Cooking things from scratch is actually really fun
3. Cooking things from scratch is actually really cheap! 

If anyone would like any of these recipes please let me know and I'll just post them along with.
Also, if any BYU students are interested in this class its SFL 110 and take it from Smith.


  1. I've heard so many great things about this class. It looks awesome! (and I'm so impressed with everything you made for so cheap)

  2. I would LOVE all of the recipes! If you get a chance, haha! I especially want to try the chicken and rice. Sounds delicious!