Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A Rainy Day.

Today is the first cool rainy day of the fall.
(I think it is appropriate to say it is finally Fall!... which I LOVE fall in Utah but anyway)
It just seems quite perfect to lay in my bed with my lap top and blog away. 

Something that I just have to say I am grateful for is my job!... which is THE best college job in the world. I am a TA for Human Development and would highly recommend everyone to take it from Larry Nelson, it will change you and that's all I'm gonna say about that one. But anyway what I really do as a TA is grade papers. Well the paper that students just turned in is an autobiography about how specific events in their lives have changed and developed them into who they are today. This is first of all the hardest paper to grade so far but the most interesting and fulfilling yet. I just get to sit there and read these somewhat personal stories (depending on the student) of how they have become the person they are while getting paid for it! Today I read a paper that literally almost brought me to tears which just made me reflect upon how I am living my life as well as how incredibly blessed I am to have this job. It is fun to read about lives of people and things that they have gone through and grown from. It's truly inspiring. If there is one thing I would recommend to everyone (which I guess I am assuming someone will hopefully read this) who might be feeling bored or a little self absorbed is get to know a person that you don't know very well. Or even get to know a person you do know but learn something new about their lives that you never knew before. I have found once you take the time to focus on someone else you end up learning a lot about life as well as make a really cool close friend. 

Another thing I just want to add is the fact that I am so sooo incredibly grateful and lucky to be married to Clark. We have been married exactly 2 months and today was just one of those days that made me reflect upon how happy I am that he is MY husband. I know out of everyone I have ever known Clark is the one for me. He is so perfect for me it's almost crazy. He understands me more than anyone I know and is THE sweetest thing in the world.  I don't want to get too mushy gushy here but it's just been another day that made me so happy for the life I have. I couldn't ask for anything better at this moment. I even pulled out my first mug of hot co co! :) mmhmm life is good. 

Oh and btw... I got bangs!

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