Monday, October 17, 2011

Twenty One.

This last Friday I turned 21. I had an amazing birthday thanks to my friends, families, and Clarky Clark.
On Friday I went to J-Dawgs with some of my old roomies for lunch. It was so nice catching up with them again! 
That night Clark and I took an interesting adventure up Hobble Canyon and attempted to go camping. While there Clark cooked up some way good steak and vegetables, mmmm it was soo good! But by the end of the night we weren't feeling that good about the campsite so we decide to go back home around midnight.
We ended the night by watching Ferris Bueler's Day off :)
Clark Surprised me on Saturday, he took me rock climbing (which I have been begging him to take me since before we were married). After rock climbing Clark took me to get a massage. It was such a nice day and I just have the freaking sweetest husband in the World! 
Aw i love him he is way too good to me.
On Sunday the Brimhall's had us over for a birthday dinner. It was so nice ending the weekend with them. That cake was absolutely delicious! 
Thank you everyone for celebrating my birthday with me!

Probably should have been our sign to turn around... 

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  1. biggy! i'm sooo happy you had a good birthday weekend!!! what a good husband you have too... way to go clarky! i love you big and miss you!! :)