Monday, September 26, 2011

The Sweetest

New born babies are the sweetest most interesting creatures I have ever been around! On the 19th my oldest sister had our first nephew of the family, Max Jess Wiberg. Clark and I went up to Park City on Saturday to meet him before my sister and her family move to North Carolina. I had never spent an entire day with a baby only 5 days old and anyone who hasn't let me just tell you they are sooo interesting! It's just amazing that this little bitty baby is a human being who has an entire life to live. They have so much potential to become anything.( Just an fyi - my major is human development, so how people change and grow overtime is something that I think is very fascinating) It was amazing being with him all day as well as seeing my sister interact with her new baby. This life truly is something special. That moment was just a simple little testimony to me that we do have a loving God who trusts us and allows us to strengthen the world through families. It was really fun for Clark and me to get to experience the blessing of a new born baby this weekend. Don't worry I'm not getting "baby hungry" or anything, but I have to admit I cannot wait until Clark and I can experience the blessing of having our own babies someday :) 
 Such a sweet little baby! ooo I just LOVE him!
 All these little new born babies do is sleep! I don't know if you can tell in this pic but he's a little blondie!... although I think he has a tint of red hair too, such a cutie!
 Just getting his nails filed down by his momma, totally lovin' life.
 SO SWEET!... I wish I would have gotten a pic of Clark holding him too, it was the most precious thing.
Saying good bye to my big sissy. I spent most of my time with her this summer as I was preparing to get married. She is basically my other mom and I do not know what I would do with out her in my life. I am going to miss her and her sweet family SO much. Have fun in North Carolina Fanny, Love you! 
(and can I add that she looks dang good after just having a baby!)

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  1. Kaylee i love you so much! Your blog is SO frekin cute I might actually keep up on it!! And thanks for cutting my fat face out of that one pic. I love you and am going to miss you so much too!