Wednesday, September 7, 2011

We're Back!

It has been over a month (by two days!) that Clark and I have been married. I thought I would love this whole blogging deal but I have realized it is a little hard to set aside time to share your life with the world when you are in school and planning a wedding... but I think it is finally safe to say, although I need to do homework, I found some time!

{{ First of all, I just want to note the reason why I have this time is because of how HARD of a worker Clark is. He has a way intense schedule of working from 7am to 5pm and then takes evening classes which do not get done until after 8! So during my time doing homework, cleaning the house and making dinner (yes, you can believe it, I am finally becoming a little homemaker!) I also spend a lot of time waiting for Clark to get home }}

Ok, to cut to the chase I have no idea who is even reading this or if I am just jotting my thoughts down for my own pleasure but there is a point to this entry besides having time to write it. This weekend Clark and I spent time with the Brimhalls at Fish Lake, Utah. Clark and I (as well as all of his family) love appreciating the beauty of nature... and Fish Lake is a place to truly see nature at its best. I've always wished everyone could take the time to realize how beautiful the natural world around us is. There are so many stunning sites that no human could possibly replicate. Well, today in my Philosophy class our teacher put up a quote about beauty that really hit me and made me redefine what I think is most beautiful.

"Some say an army on horseback, some, an army on foot,
Others, a navy, of all on this black earth,
Is the most beautiful. I say it is he
Whom you love."

I think out of all the beautiful sites and scenery on earth there is one thing that is more beautiful than any of it... it is the beauty of the person you love. That is the beauty that I hope and wish everyone will see in their lifetime. The confidence of making a commitment to each other and God to love, strengthen, and grow with one another is truly beautiful. It is amazing to me that two people can just agree that the other person is who they want to go through everything in life with. I have found that person. I love Clark more than anything and I am just so grateful that we are married. This month has been very fun, exciting, and new for us. It is fun to live with each other as well as learn even more about the other than we knew before. But more than that it is beautiful. This new life we've brought together is beautiful. Our potential in life together is beautiful. I am grateful for Clark and all he does for us and me, I am grateful that because of him I have finally seen the true meaning of "Beauty".


  1. I love this. Glad you can see the beauty of whats around us. Its amazing, isn't it?!

  2. yes! and so glad we got to spend the weekend with you guys, the car ride home was way fun! :)

  3. You guys are so cute together! It was fun to see you this weekend! We need to get together soon and have a game night.

  4. so happy to find your blog! you look great!