Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Summer Update

I love the Civil Wars today and love this song. 

Here are some pictures of our life as of lately. 
We have been sooo busy! Since April we have been to Cedar City, California, Duck Creek (southern utah), Park City, and Salt Lake... maybe more places I just cant remember. We have really been trying to take advantage of our weekends while the weather is so incredibly nice!

A few weekends ago we went camping with my very first college roommate, Ashley. It was the first time we have ever hung out together with our husbands and it was soo much fun! We went to a campsite in Hobble Creek Canyon which it was absolutely gorgeous! Ashley brought her parents dog Callie which gave me a new love for American bulldogs.... I want a puppy so bad. 

Memorial Day weekend we hiked Mt Olympus in Salt Lake. If anyone is looking for a challenging and absolutely breathtaking hike I would DEFINITELY recommend it. It was pretty dang tough. It's up hill most of the way so if you go make sure to bring lots of water and some treats for when you get to the top. I think it took us like 5 hours.  

Last weekend was our first weekend in Provo because I HAD to write a 10 page paper... that's what procrastination does for you. Anyway, we have had some weeds near our house that drive Clark crazy so we decided to tear them out and he bought these cute little bushes that we planted! 

Little update on Clarky Bear. He works a lot as most of y'all know but he isn't taking classes this summer which is so nice because we actually see each other at night! He just got done reading this book. He has joined the band wagon and is obsessed with the Hunger Games. Last night I asked him what he wanted to do and he said he just wanted to read the hunger games (in a sad voice because he had already finished it). 

Clark and I drove up to Alpine a few weeks ago and hiked this way beautiful hike behind lone peak. The pictures don't give it justice but it was so nice. We found this amazing waterfall! 

Updates with the Brimhall family: We have a new baby niece. Clark's sister Leslie just had a baby girl last week. Margaret Michele King. Clark is so excited to call her Maggie :) We can't wait to meet her!

Holly, Clark's twin got engaged last week as well! We are so excited for them and love them so much. From what we know of them they seem pretty dang perfect for each other. More than that I can really see how happy Greg makes Holly. Such cute and happy times :) 

That's all for us pretty much! I'm just finishing up my Spring Term Classes. I have one final to take today and one tomorrow (why am I blogging?... no idea). I have been doing an internship this semester as well which I love so much! It's pretty crazy but so fun! I will start Summer Term up on Monday and go until Aug 6 and then FINALLY get a break for 2 weeks... cant wait! 

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