Thursday, June 28, 2012

Family, a different point of view.

 Have I ever told y'all about my in-laws?
Ok let me just say that I seriously married into the perfect family, I just love them so much.

Now let me also say I love my family so much and am definitely the person I am today because of the family I grew up in but I'm not going to lie, being in my family was very hard for me and frankly still is at times.

Being a part of the Brimhall family is like seriously a breath of fresh air.
I feel INCREDIBLY blessed to have married into this family. They are probably THE most loving and giving  family I have ever met. I am sooo grateful for how much they love their children. Not only how much they love their children but how much they all support each other and care about each other as well. I cannot even begin to describe all that they have done for Clark and me to help us and offer so much love to us and I just do not think I could ever adequately express to them my gratitude for that. It has meant so much to me to feel their love as well as to have this family as an example to me of what I want my own little family to be like. Again, I just love them so much. I really feel like I could not say that enough times to express how grateful I am to be in their family.
Because the Brimhalls are so loving - they love to be together a lot. I am really glad we live just an hour away from them because I have gotten to know them a lot better which is so fun. 
Last weekend we all got together to celebrate father's day.
Here is a cute picture of the family who lives in Utah :) 

Not only do I have the best in-laws but I also have the SWEETEST nieces and nephews in the world.
Earlier this week we went out to dinner and went frogging with my sister-in-law Christina (my brother's wife) and my niece Yara. I wish I would have taken more pictures of our little adventure but I did get one of Yara in the car. She wanted to drive with us which seriously made me so happy! Yara has a special place in my heart because she was the very first grandchild in our family. She is so cute and silly and a couple of people have said she is like me (which also makes me so happy). A lot of times when she sees me she will say "I can't believe I'm twins with my aunt" haha which I don't know why she thinks we are twins but I absolutely love it! It is so fun and sweet to watch these little kids grow up and see their cute little personalities develop. 

Love her.

Here is the song of the day. I LOVE the civil wars right now.

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