Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Wig.

For Easter weekend Clark and I went up to my grandparent's house in Park City. 
My sister Ashley (aka "the wig"-- we all have ridiculous nick names for each other) and her family were there.
We had sooo much fun with them.

Ok some of you may know this already but my sisters are seriously my best friends.
I have the absolute best sisters (and brother for that matter) in the world.
I just love them so much.
Anyway, do you want to know what the wig did for me?
I had a HUGE research paper due on Monday that I was really freaking out about.
The wig realized this.
She was sooo sweet and got ALL of my reference for my paper!
she spent hours looking for research articles about infant-father attachments.
How sweet is that?
And then she even edited my paper once I was finished!
(thank you to the others who edited it as well)
Is that not the nicest sibling ever?
Aw I just love her sooo much
she seriously saved my butt!!

As a tribute to her and our Easter weekend here are some pictures of the fun times we had.

I love this little baby!

The cute little Peterson Family

We love each other. 

Wig got a new mac computer and apple's new photobooth has some sweet pic options. 
this is the chipmunk!

I look really crazy but Clark seriously looks like a real person hahahaha

the frog. haha i loved this one. 

This is Clark's favorite pic of me. 

I love you so much wig! 
Thank you for being such a great sister!!

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