Friday, April 20, 2012

A Small Adventure

This whole year I have been trying to get Clark to hike the Y with me but there hasn't been a good time for us to go. I didn't have school today -- which has been amazing-- so I decided to walk to the trail head and hike it. Little did I know that I am in really terrible shape and seriously almost died once I got to the top but I  eventually made it and loved every minute of it! 
(The only thing that could have made it better would have been having a dog to do it with me) 

Here is a picture of the Y from campus that I took on a rainy day last week. How beautiful is that? 

I made it to the trail head!

For anyone who doesn't go to BYU/live in Provo here is the hike. I decided to take the trail to the top of the "Y". that last switchback was a huge killer for me!

I made it to the top and decided to take a picture of the view and found my house!

Just a couple of tips when hiking the Y:
1. don't listen to your ipod, it totally ruins the experience
2. running down is a lot more fun and actually easier than walking down

It was such a beautiful day I just had to take a picture of this street. the trees were so pretty and the blossoms smelt so good once I got into my neighborhood. 

I freaking love spring in Provo. Here are some tulips that popped up along our driveway a few weeks ago! 

This has nothing to do with the hike and is not from today but Clark is just so dang cute. 
Love him. 


  1. It looks like it was tons of fun (and it seems like it's a right of passage for BYU students to hike to the Y so it's probably a good thing you did it!). And I hear you about wanting a dog too. They just seem to make everything more fun.

  2. Love it! Did you hike the y by yourself? That's cool you walked to the trailhead too. That's a long walk! Kaylee, your blog makes me want to start a blog. I just love reading your posts!