Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Love we need it now.

Sometimes I listen to songs on repeat for HOURS a day because I literally cannot get enough of them. 
Does this happen to anyone else? 

It has become a serious problem in my life.
Such a big problem that it has interfered with my daily functioning. 
I can only do things that I would normally be able to do while listening to music like
looking for things for my sisters wedding, looking for and even contacting apartments in Salt Lake, checking my emails, cleaning a little, looking for birthday presents for Clark online, pinterest, reading blogs, paying bills, uploading pictures, writing blog posts.... everything except the main thing I need to do
Ahhhh this is crazy. 
But I love this song so much.
someone please help me... I've lost it. 

On another note.. I might as well show you a picture that I uploaded (and edited on paint!.. ya i'm cool, wish I had photoshop... or instagram) 

Clark and I voted yesterday and it felt really good. 
Heck ya Orrin Hatch!

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