Thursday, March 1, 2012

I would just love this.

Cute Lululemon biking {{pants}} I would love to add with the bike :)
I really want a bike for a few reasons:
  • It would be so wonderful to run to the store during the day to get groceries. I find sooo many things that sound sooo deliciously good to make but never have the right food to make it with. 
  • It would be so wonderful to get up to campus in 10 min. Although I have definitely improved in my speed walking... a walk that comfortably gets me to campus in 25 minutes I have done in 13. (Which I would not recommend when you are late for class and then come in completely out of breath plus sweating... not fun)
  • I think I would start enjoying exercising alone. I have to admit I hate working out alone. Legitimately, hate it, but riding a bike alone sounds pretty fun to me. 
  • I could get to my bank and renew my debit card, update my current info, change my name (they don't know I'm Mrs. Brimhall yet.... whoa that still sounds werid). When was the last time you paid with a check at the store? It is really quite annoying to be honest and unfortunately my bank isn't exactly walking distance away. 
Ok so those are just a few reasons why I really want a bike but then today on {{Lululemon's blog}} they had a post about 5 reasons why you should ride a bike.
1. it’s a beautiful day in the neighbourhood (this is a Canadian Blog, hence the spelling)
2. get your bike to do the heavy lifting
3. it’s good for the environment
4. it’s good for your wallet
5. log a little extra sweat for the day
(check out the post it expounds upon them a little more)
Uh ya. I'm all about that!

So I think I've decided to make a little splurge and buy a bike. 
Anyone know of some good places to buy one?
 (and a fairly inexpensive one at that... I don't care about the brands, definitely not that intense.)
Clark was telling me I should just get one at Walmart?

k well when I do get a bike i'll be sure to update on here with my adventures!


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    1. What kind of bike are you looking for? I love cycling! Its so fin. If I didn't have kids to haul around I think it would be my top choice. I net Walmart has good bikes. If you are looking for cheap used maybe craigslist? Road bikes are my personal fav. Keep me posted

    2. Honestly I am not sure if I'd want a mountain bike or a road bike. What do you like most about road bikes? and would you recommend used bikes? I have heard craigslist and ksl are both good but I am kind of going in blind... i don't exactly know what I'm looking for specifically. right now mostly just something to get me around :)

  2. I used to love riding a bike as a family when I was younger! It sounds like it would be a good investment. To add my two cents, I prefer mountain bikes--I've had too many bad experiences with road bikes accidentally going through potholes or mud slicks. You can ride a mountain bike on the road or on trails but the same isn't always true of road bikes. Good luck! :)

  3. before i read this comment i was like LOVE the pants! haha thats what I thought you wanted!! hahha.. but if your going to be riding around town I would suggest a road bike (with a basket on the front! much cuter)

  4. Bike riding is the best!! Our family has road bikes and we love them :) and I LOVE those pants!! :)

  5. i seriously love biking! my favorite form of exercise by far!! I'm getting better about knowing about bikes, but i am still a novice. You should definitely ask greg. or i can ask greg and let you know what he says. as far as road vs mountain, i never thought i would love my road bike as much as i do (i've always had mountain bike) but you will probably have less maintenance with a mountain bike. -road bike tires tend to be pretty fragile-meaning rocks have been known to pop my tires... haha. but don't let that scare you.