Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I love the way you call me baby.

What do I do on Valentine's Day when my husband is...
 at work from 6:30(AM!) until 5
studying from 5 until 7
and at class from 7 until 10?
Blog about it, of course.

Me, being a complete hopeless romantic the majority of my life
was a little disappointed on the fact that our first Valentine's Day of marriage fell on a Tuesday this year... 
our longest day of the week when we hardly see each other at all. 
Although sad, it is ok because Valentine's Day is really just a day. 
I love the idea of it 
{having one day of the year that just is completely devoted to anything and everything that involves loving people close to you}
But this day does not determine our love for each other.
In fact, I do not think there should be just one day of the year that should celebrate love.
 I actually think there should not be even one day that goes with out expressing love to those you care so deeply about.
Although I think everyday should involve expressions of love,
In the spirit of Valentine's Day here are a few things about Clark that I am just so grateful for and that somewhat define what love means to me. 

He is so cute.
I love the fact that Clark literally is the only person who truly gets me for me.
He accepts me for my many shortcomings and loves me deeply for my few strengths.
 He doesn't get frustrated at the fact that I get sad, sensitive, and moody probably more than the average person. 
He is the only guy who has ever made me think instantly after I met him "I want to marry someone exactly like that someday".
He is the only guy who for 2 years of my life (and plus) was the first person I thought about when I woke up in the morning.
with that, he is the only person that I have wanted so badly to be in my life more than anyone else I have ever met. 
He is the only person who has made me want to be better and actually feel as though I have to be my absolute best in order to deserve even having him in my life. 
He is the only person I feel confident in being the best father of my future children someday.
He is the only person (other than my sisters) who I feel like I can just let go and go crazy with.
I love the fact that although a HUGE Utah fan, Clark transferred schools, took a crazy full time job, and moved down to Provo just because he knew how much graduating from BYU meant to me.
I love the fact that he supports me in all of my way ambitious goals in life.
(and actually thinks I can accomplish them!) 
He makes me feel love every single day and is the only person that I never have to question it.
He is the only person who has influenced me the most in constantly strengthening my relationship with God. 
He is the only person I want with me by my side for the rest of my existence.

Although we are still getting to know each other more and more and our relationship is not perfect,
I know with out a doubt that Clark is the most perfect person for me to live and to grow with.
I love him with all of my heart. 
I would not say that he is the only good person out there, but he is the only perfect person out there for me. 
Find that person who makes you feel like you aren't missing out on anything else in life.


  1. You two are so cute together...just perfect. :) And that is one of my absolute favorite songs!!

  2. This was sooo cute big!! you are sooo good with words, you should have a dear abby blog column!!

  3. aw Kaylee if this wasn't you it would make me gag it's so dang precious. This put the biggest smile on my face, I love that you and Clark have this :)